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Eva Sue McKee was born in Nevada, Missouri on July 19, 1925. Sue‘s first successful fling in show business was with the "Dude Martin Show" on KYA Radio in San Francisco, and KGO TV in 1950. The Dude Martin Show moved to TV station KTTV in Los Angeles in 1951. She performed with Dude at the Palamino Club in Los Angeles.Sue was nominated for an Emmy award in 1954 for her work on the Dude Martin Show, but lost out to Lucille Ball.

Her first recordings in the early 50’s was with the Mercury Record Company. Her first successful recording was also the first recording of "You Belong To Me", which was also recorded by Kaye Starr and Patti Page in 1953, and in 1963 by the Duprees. Sue’s first major record was a tear jerker titled, "Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry" in 1961, on Hickory Records. Her follow-up song "Norman" became her biggest record ever. Another gold record was soon to follow in 1962 with, "James, Hold the Ladder Steady". Sue’s last major hit in the pop field was in 1965 with "Paper Tiger". All four of Sue’s major pop hits were written by John D. Laudermilk. Sue was elected to the "West Coast Western Swing Hall of Fame" in 1991.

Sue also had some success in the Country field with a Gold record, "Big Mable Murphy". Sue also recorded three LP's with the great Don Gibson in the early 70's. Sue and her husband Ted live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Shelby A. & Sue Riggs

Henderson, Nevada

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